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Zachary E. Stoumbos, P.A. is a full-service criminal defense law firm specializing in both State and Federal court. Our firm is dedicated to providing high-quality legal representation to people throughout the State of Florida charged with or being investigated for State or Federal crimes. With over thirty years of experience and a focus on criminal defense, Attorney Zachary E. Stoumbos possesses the knowledge, skills, and experience to tackle any criminal case, despite the complexity. Clients from all walks of life including professionals such as teachers, doctors, lawyers, police officers, public officials and professional athletes, depend upon Zachary E. Stoumbos for aggressive advocacy.

If you are facing a criminal investigation or criminal charge of any kind, it is important that you exercise your legal right afforded to you under the United States and Florida Constitution to consult with an attorney as soon as possible. You have the right to an attorney if you are arrested, taken into custody or are wanted for formal questioning. It is important to remember that being suspected of a crime typically means that law enforcement officers are actively working to find evidence that supports your guilt in order to enable the prosecution to move forward with formal criminal charges. At any stage of your case, your criminal defense attorney will play an invaluable role in defending your rights and offering you the full protection that our legal system has to offer. Whether in the face of a complex Fraud Investigation, shoplifting.arrest or an investigation for murder, you have the right to legal counsel.

Do not waive this right for any reason. Do not ever allow your home, vehicle, office or phone to be searched voluntarily. Do not answer any questions if you are the focus of a criminal investigation. Consult with an attorney first.

Zachary E. Stoumbos is dedicated to providing his clients with the best legal representation available. When you retain his services, you can expect to receive individualized attention and aggressive advocacy at each stage of your case. He will personally appear by your side at every court appearance, and can explain your rights under the law so that nothing is left unclear or misunderstood. In addition, he is dedicated to building strong and compelling defenses, and doing whatever is legally necessary to ensure a desirable verdict is achieved. There will be no investigative stone left unturned.

There is no question that your choice in a criminal defense attorney is not just important, it is personal. Considering that your future and your freedom may be at risk , you should not hesitate to obtain legal counsel quickly. Mr. Stoumbos is happy to discuss your case and options with you personally and can provide insight that will help you make the right choices early on in the legal process. Taking advantage of an initial confidential consultation to discuss your particular charges or investigation will give you the opportunity to explore your case with Mr. Stoumbos personally. During your initial consultation he will address your immediate concerns and help you better understand your particular situation. This is a perfect opportunity to personally see who will be protecting your rights and freedom in the coming months.

Zachary E. Stoumbos defends clients against a wide-range of both State and Federal crimes, including but not limited to;

With over thirty years of criminal defense experience, Zachary E. Stoumbos is the right attorney to defend you. Regardless of how complex your criminal case may be, he has what it takes to effectively defend you and is fully committed to going above and beyond to serve your needs with the utmost passion, dedication and tenacity. You deserve nothing less.

To learn more about the charges you are facing and how you can pursue an aggressive defense, do not wait. Zachary E. Stoumbos is ready to take on even the most challenging cases. Call to schedule your initial confidential consultation today!

In addition, he also represents clients with legal matters involving pre-file investigations, criminal appeals, expungements, and sealings of criminal records.

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