Burglary Charges in Central Florida

Being accused of burglary charges can stem from anyone entering a home or other premises without permission. No indication of breaking into the structure need be part of the crime – even when someone enters through an unlocked door or window a burglary charge could apply. This can lead to unwarranted charges for burglary when someone is perhaps entering a premises when there is no answer at a door, yet the door is unlocked. There may be no intention of committing a crime, yet Florida criminal law states that you could be charged with burglary.

If you are facing burglary charges it is very important to consult with a criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights. The penalties for conviction of this type of charge can include fines, forfeiture of property, restitution to the victim and a criminal record which could impact the rest of your life. Penalties can increase if any burglary is committed when people are present or if a weapon is used during the theft. If you reside in the Orlando / Central Florida area, Attorney Zachary E. Stoumbos is the effective and dedicated legal counsel you will need to present a strong defense on your behalf.

Presenting a Strong Defense

A burglary committed in someone’s home in Florida is considered a felony. There are various degrees of felony burglaries, ranging from 1st to 3rd degree, depending on the circumstances of the crime. Prison sentences can range anywhere from 5 to 30 years if convicted. These are harsh penalties which require immediate action to prevent. When you retain Attorney Zachary E. Stoumbos you can expect personal and aggressive attention to your case. With over 20 years of criminal defense trial experience, his services will be invaluable and the only defense you deserve.

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