Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Fraud cases involving identity theft in Florida are increasing in number every year. Especially in today’s economy, people are sometimes resorting to desperate acts in order to get money. Criminal courts and law enforcement take a firm stance against identity theft crimes and the punishment and repercussions can be very severe. If you are facing charges for identity theft in the Central Florida area, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to provide the skilled legal representation you need to avoid imprisonment and expensive fines. Zachary E. Stoumbos is dedicated to criminal defense and has handled a variety of cases from drug possession to expungements and misdemeanors to felony offenses. Every case is different so it is important to meet with an attorney as soon as possible so a defense can be developed specifically for your situation. We want to help!

Florida Identity Theft Penalties

Identity theft involves any instance of using any identification information of another person in order to obtain a credit card, loan, bank account, job, etc. Examples of personal identification data that are often used in identity theft cases include an individual’s driver’s license, social security number, name, etc. Identity theft fraud is a federal as well as state offense and can result in extensive punishment. The exact penalty assessed for a conviction depends on the amount of money or losses involved, the number of individuals affected and any prior convictions for this or a similar crime.

Identity theft is a felony which can result in up to 5 years in prison and $5000 in fines along with other possible penalties for losses and damages. Federal law stipulates that a person convicted of identity theft could receive as much as 15 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines. With penalties and punishments such as these, your future can be very negatively impacted. Even though fraud crimes are non-violent in nature, they are taken extremely seriously. Don’t face this charge alone.

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