Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes

Violent Crime Charges

Most violent crimes are considered felonies and are serious crimes. Whenever a violent crime is committed along with the use of a firearm, the penalties and fines can increase dramatically. When someone is facing these types of charges it is important to realize that a strong and effective criminal defense lawyer will be needed to represent them. These types of charges are no light matter, and will be heavily prosecuted by the authorities in Florida to the fullest extent of the law. Some of the crimes considered as being violent or that involve a firearm include:

Being charged with a violent crime can result in severe penalties, especially when a firearm was used during the crime. Under Florida’s 10-20-Life law, offenders who brandish or discharge a firearm while committing a crime may face mandatory minimum sentences of 10 or 20 years, respectively and even life in prison.

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